Book notes I've taken.

I'm on a pilgrimage to read books by the greatest minds in the world. You may use these notes as pre-read materials before deciding to read the whole book, but they absolutely shall not be treated as the summary of the books—they barely are.


An eye-opener for everyone on how mindset could (scientifically) set you up for failure or success in life.

The Laws of Human Nature

Comprehensive guide to various human attitudes, complete with anecdotal examples of real life petty behaviors that we all can learn to detect before any damage can be inflicted.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Unorthodox ways of viewing life. Mark explained all the ugly truths that you often don’t see in many self-improvement books.

The Entrepreneur Mind

This book teaches a lot of great entrepreneur lessons, with each point accompanied by pragmatic life examples.