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Discover inside this paradigm-shifting book:

  • How to improve self-control in this distracted world and start achieving your life goals one after another in no time

  • Little-known things that may be sabotaging your relationships, financial health, and full potential

  • Frightening facts industries don't want you to know that manipulate your decisions and spending behaviour

  • Quick and easy ways to design your surroundings for success, to beat addiction, and to attain your desired weight

  • A health condition you can’t afford to ignore, one that leads to criminal behavior

  • Strategies to ignite your willpower (even if you have a busy 9-5 job) so that you can complete your assignment earlier and enjoy spending more time with your family.


Peak Self-Control employs willpower science to help you take back control of your life now, create your desired habits, and fulfill your wildly important goals



Wishing Shelf

"Accessibly written, this is a well-crafted self-help book offering advice to people who want to achieve their goals but often don't have the willpower to do it."

Readers' Favorite

"I like the concept and Said Hasyim tackles the topic methodically and also from a psychological point of view."


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