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"The author hits upon a nearly universal challenge we all face as we age, namely how to ensure that our brains function at as high a level as possible."

BookLife Prize (critics rating 9/10)

Boost brain power with neuroscience.

Use brain plasticity to sculpt high-performing brain and overcome anxiety and stress.

Unleash your brain's limitless potential with neuroscience.

Do you notice feeling more forgetful? Are you self-limiting your progress because you believe that your brain is old already? Do you have anxiety that you can’t forget–even after trying every suggestion available?

This life-changing book contains the concept of neuroplasticity made digestible for everyone.

    Strategies to enhance your brain capacity to superlearn and have better memory
    Simple tricks to have fun mastering 62 foreign vocabularies that stick in your memory in as little as a month with less than 20 minutes daily, without paying for the expensive tuition fee
    Solutions to get rid of anxiety from the inside and start to live again
    Efficient studying methods to ace your exams without rehearsing late at night and sacrificing your sleep
    The hidden dangers of your daily routine that increase the risk of getting brain diseases
    5 often-overlooked techniques to learn anything fast, and grow every single day
    World-class memorizing techniques to remember shockingly long numbers, including 100 digits of Pi

With the secret ingredient that builds successful people, Peak Brain Plasticity unlocks your limitless brain power that you can use immediately to accelerate self-learning.

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Table of contents

Explore the comprehensive content covered in this book. Everything you need to know is inside.

Peak Brain Plasticity is comprised of 132 tightly edited, visually captivating pages optimized to teach you everything you need to know with no unnecessary filler.

  1. Neuroplasticity

  2. Neurogenesis

Some awards won

I'm honored and deeply humbled to have received recognitions for Peak Brain Plasticity from esteemed institutions, a testament to the dedication and passion poured into its creation. The awards serve as encouragement to continue striving for excellence and delivering valuable content to my readers.

Finalist of Education/Reference book by IAN Book of The Year Awards

IAN Book of The Year Awards

Finalist of Education/Reference book

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree by Book Readers Appreciation Group

Book Readers Appreciation Group

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

2nd Place Winner of Education by Royal Dragonfly Book Award

Royal Dragonfly Book Award

2nd Place Winner of Education

1st Place Winner of Nonfiction - Education by The PenCraft Book Awards

The PenCraft Book Awards

1st Place Winner of Nonfiction - Education

2nd Place Winner of Aging/Senior Living by Royal Dragonfly Book Award

Royal Dragonfly Book Award

2nd Place Winner of Aging/Senior Living

Finalist of Aging by National Indie Excellence Award

National Indie Excellence Award

Finalist of Aging


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Tool and resource you can use to get started even faster and progress even further.

Full-colored, printable PDF, beautifully curated workbook for Peak Brain Plasticity. The instruction to claim this exclusive bonus is specified inside the book. In additions, there are some software I have built to accelerate your learning.

  1. A bonus of 31Sequence — Major System Mnemonic Generator

    31Sequence — Major System Mnemonic Generator

    A mnemonic generator designed to rapidly create memory aids using the Major System, an established technique for encoding numbers into memorable phrases to remember any large number with greater ease and efficiency.

  2. A bonus of 31Memorize  — Master Vocabulary the Neuroscientists' Way

    31Memorize — Master Vocabulary the Neuroscientists' Way

    The first and only spaced-repetition system that employs machine learning to learn English vocabulary smarter, not longer—to maximize high knowledge retention.

  3. A bonus of Breaking Out of Comfort Zone Workbook

    Breaking Out of Comfort Zone Workbook

    Push yourself to greater heights. Take risks and push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow as an individual.

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Some kind words from early readers...

Dive into the heartfelt reflections and inspiring testimonials shared by readers who have experienced the profound impact of Peak Brain Plasticity. Discover how the book has resonated with others and explore the transformative journey awaiting you within its pages.

"I truly enjoyed this in-depth self-help book. As a former college professor who often taught the beginning courses of orientation, I would have loved to had this book as support text."

picture of Deacon Tom
Deacon Tom
College Professor

"There is a lot of information to help in making learning easier and also to achieve a peak brain function that will bring out the best in readers."

picture of Reader's Favorite
Reader's Favorite

"Wow, this book was outstanding! Said has a masterful grasp of the subject matter, and the book is highly informational and valuable. It is far more in depth than anything else I have read on brain health."

picture of David Aretha
David Aretha
Award-Winning Author

"I enjoyed diving into the fascinating world of neurological research in Said Hasyim's book. I became quickly immersed in a captivating journey full of easy-to-digest information about neuroplasticity, neurogenesis and maximising learning. If you are looking for a book with actional information on these topics, this is the one! The author explained simple but effective memory tricks for mastering foreign languages and memorising long numbers in a new way. I also learned how to break through learning barriers and maximise my growth. I highly recommend this book for someone who wants to level up."


"I am a big nerd and everything connected with learning, brain plasticity, memory, optimization... I looove! This book has a lot of info on how the brain works, how memory works and tons of tips on how to better your life and your brain health from pregnancy to retirement."

Japanese Student

"Said Hasyim takes complex ideas and makes them easier to follow.

The impact of this book has been profound on me, because it’s made me realise, I need to work at doing a lot more activities to keep my brain functioning… learning a language, chess and the saxophone come to mind as options for me moving forward."

Melody R Green
Professional Opera S


Said Hasyim – Hey there, I’m the author behind Peak Brain Plasticity.

In the pursuit of productivity optimization, I embarked on a journey to unlock the full potential of the human brain. Recognizing its pivotal role in enhancing productivity and overall well-being, I delved into the realm of lifelong learning, seeking to cultivate habits that would nurture and preserve brain function for years to come.

The contrast between individuals who prioritize continuous learning and those who succumb to routine vividly illustrates the profound impact of lifelong learning on brain health and vitality. While some thrive on a regimen of exploration, others find themselves grappling with memory lapses and a sense of unfulfillment, consequences of neglecting mental stimulation.

This disparity underscores a sobering reality for many aging individuals who succumb to the inertia of routine and forego mentally demanding activities. Yet, with the prevalence of degenerative brain diseases on the rise, the imperative to prioritize brain health has never been more pressing.

Drawing upon my experiments in maximizing brain function, I have curated a compendium of techniques aimed at not only preserving but also optimizing cognitive abilities at any stage of life. Through an exploration of the science behind learning and memory, this book offers actionable insights to fortify the brain against degenerative diseases and enhance cognitive performance.

I want to emphasize that my journey isn't about possessing exceptional intelligence, but rather about intentionally applying scientific principles to reach my learning goals. This book shares the best practices I've gathered over a lifetime of learning, humbly serving as a guide to sharpening the mind, easing anxiety, and embracing a future enriched by cognitive vitality.

Join me on this transformative journey as we unravel the mysteries of the brain, harness its full potential, and pave the way for a future where mental acuity knows no bounds.

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