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"This is the kind of 'self help' C level executives need to read, understand and internalise. And its exactly the kind that will fit into their schedules."

Ahmad Chaker Jomaa , Chief Growth Officer

Break bad habits and acquire life-changing habits with ease.

Solidify you discipline to build high-performing habits. Overcome your vulnerabilities to willpower depletion to meet your goals.

Master self-discipline with science.

Are you tired of setting the same goals for yourself every year and still not succeeding? Do you have problems controlling your anger and maintaining good relationships? Do you find yourself not motivated to complete what you need to do?

Discover inside this paradigm-shifting book:

    How to break the cycle of distraction to build habits with ease
    Sneaky saboteurs quietly ruining your relationships, financial health, and full potential
    The shocking truth about marketing manipulation that big business is silently profiting at your expense
    Small changes that produce big results to beat addiction and attain your desired weight
    Uncontrolled health issues you can't afford to ignore, that can lead to a life of crime
    Strategies to ignite your willpower (even if you have a busy 9-5 job) so that you can complete your work faster and reclaim more time for what matters most

Peak Self-Control employs willpower science to help you take back control of your life now and transform ordinary into extraordinary.

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Table of contents

Explore the comprehensive content covered in this book. Everything you need to know is inside.

Peak Self-Control is comprised of 122 tightly edited, visually captivating pages optimized to teach you everything you need to know with no unnecessary filler.

  1. What Is Willpower?

  2. Reduce Willpower Consumption

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Finalist of Self-help: General by National Indie Excellence Award

National Indie Excellence Award

Finalist of Self-help: General


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    Defining Goals That Matter Workbook

    Craft goals for a life worth living. Develop a plan of action and a blueprint to make your dreams come true.

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Some kind words from early readers...

Dive into the heartfelt reflections and inspiring testimonials shared by readers who have experienced the profound impact of Peak Self-Control. Discover how the book has resonated with others and explore the transformative journey awaiting you within its pages.

"Whatever personal goals you may have, you will probably find this book extremely helpful. The book explains how we are all vulnerable to willpower depletion and how we can overcome this to successfully meet our goals. I enjoyed reading it and recommend this book."

C. Larson

"A must-read for anybody lacking the willpower to do or be what they want."

picture of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"I think the author is done tremendous work in this area and this may be a breakthrough kind of book."

picture of Deacon Tom
Deacon Tom
College Professor

"I finished your book today and I have one word for it: AWESOME. I like small books because they're direct to the point, with no bullshit or whatever else."


"In my quest for self-improvement, I have read the author's Peak Productivity Book Series. Peak Self-Control goes over willpower and how to conserve it. For example, if you are trying to lose weight minimize the number of times you will need to use your willpower by getting rid of temptations and making it easy for you actually reach your goal. Very interesting concept. I recommend reading this book."



Said Hasyim – Hey there, I’m the author behind Peak Self-Control.

My journey into the realm of productivity optimization began years ago, driven by a personal quest to maximize time efficiency and effectiveness. Central to this endeavor was the alignment of my body's natural rhythm, a fundamental cornerstone for orchestrating daily activities with precision and purpose.

In a world brimming with myriad distractions, cultivating high self-control emerges as an imperative for initiating and sustaining new habits, ensuring peak performance. "Peak Self-Control" is the culmination of over five years of empirical experimentation and discovery in harnessing the power of willpower.

Implementing these strategies has not only enabled me to accomplish more tasks but has also facilitated the integration of transformative habits into my already busy schedule. However, attaining this balance required purposefully selecting and prioritizing habits that yielded the most impactful positive results.

If an ordinary individual like myself could cultivate and sustain a number of habits amidst the constraints of a typical nine-to-five job, then others can as well. Moreover, I derive immense joy from maintaining my habits and would eagerly seize the opportunity to incorporate more if granted an additional hour each day.

"Peak Self-Control" delves into the intricacies of willpower utilization, offering practical guidance on reducing its expenditure, replenishing it, and enhancing its reserve. Dispelling the notion of mythical willpower, the book elucidates the genuine science behind it and provides actionable strategies to optimize its efficacy in daily life.

Recognizing that willpower depletion spares no one, not even high-ranking officials or esteemed leaders, underscores the urgency of this endeavor. "Peak Self-Control" aims to empower individuals from all walks of life to navigate the complexities of self-mastery with resilience and confidence.

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