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"It motivated me to change my ways and possibly accomplish some goals I have long forgotten about."


Exploit subconsciousness to accelerate success in all areas of your life.

Use the science of happiness and subconsciousness to achieve your goals while avoiding happiness traps.

Harness your subconsciousness to improve all aspects of your life, from financial security to satisfying living.

Do you feel unhappy despite all your achievements? Does stress consume your life? Are you struggling for happiness while living a meaningless life?

Discover the fundamental lessons of self-transformation that will enable you to shape your destiny.

    Quick ways to exploit the power of your subconscious mind that makes world’s greatest achievers
    How realistic thinking helps you make better life decisions to do what you love
    7 strategies to handle your money toward greater life satisfaction, without slaving your life away and sacrificing your health
    Proven sets of methods to increase your resilience to stress and face any crisis
    The uncomfortable truth of conventional happiness advices that unconsciously make you unhappy
    Little-known mistakes you can’t afford to ignore now to avoid living regretfully in future

Discover the limitless possibilities of your subconscious mind to make your wildest dream a reality with Peak Mindset.

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Table of contents

Explore the comprehensive content covered in this book. Everything you need to know is inside.

Peak Mindset is comprised of 124 tightly edited, visually captivating pages optimized to teach you everything you need to know with no unnecessary filler.

  1. The Subconsciousness

  2. The Stressful Mind


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  1. A bonus of Overcoming Negative Self-Talk Workbook

    Overcoming Negative Self-Talk Workbook

    Overcoming negative self-talk. Break through your limiting beliefs.

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Some kind words from early readers...

Dive into the heartfelt reflections and inspiring testimonials shared by readers who have experienced the profound impact of Peak Mindset. Discover how the book has resonated with others and explore the transformative journey awaiting you within its pages.

"Just wanted to connect and say that they are amazing! Excited about the 5th book."

picture of Lucas Flach
Lucas Flach
Studio Flach Founder

"This was the perfect book for me to read at this time. I am grieving the loss of my beloved father and being happy does not seem attainable now. This book provided great tips to help one overcome sadness. While there was nothing ground breaking within this book, I feel it is a good reference when for anyone dealing with a rough time."


"The book touches on the basics of the subconscious mind, with examples and suggestions for dealing with certain obstacles people may face. It’d be a good book for young adults, especially those just starting out in adult life, or even teens in high school."

M. Reese

"The book is written in absolute simple language, without beating around the bush and stretching the same topic unnecessarily like other books do. The author also manages to break preconceived notion that mindfulness is achievable he puts a good argument in this book which I bet you should read to know better."

picture of Ammit P Chawda
Ammit P Chawda

"There are so many things that I just knew, such as “productive stress”. Who would know that we actually also need to stress to keep us motivated and grow.

You get so much knowledge in a book with just 100 pages."

picture of Olivia Anggun Permatasari
Olivia Anggun Permatasari
Web Designer

"A short, accessibly written, self-help book in which the author attempts to help us to find happiness."

picture of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards


Said Hasyim – Hey there, I’m the author behind Peak Mindset.

My endeavor to pen "Peak Mindset" stems from a profound belief in the life-changing power of our mental frameworks. Witnessing firsthand how our choices sculpt the trajectory of our lives, I'm driven to shed some light on the profound influence of mindset on our daily decisions and overarching life path.

In delineating contrasting narratives of professional life, we encounter individuals navigating divergent paths to fulfillment. While one pursued financial success, others sought purpose through agricultural endeavors, revealing the nuanced interplay between mindset and life satisfaction.

Motivated by my own journey of growth and self-discovery, I aspire to share insights gleaned from approaching a mindset conducive to fulfillment and productivity. "Peak Mindset" offers pragmatic strategies for navigating stress, promoting resilience, and cultivating a mindset primed for meaningful happiness and goal achievement.

With a focus on dispelling common misconceptions surrounding stress management and happiness, I endeavor to empower readers to embrace realistic thinking patterns. By nurturing a mindset grounded in clarity and purpose, individuals can steadily progress towards their aspirations, fostering lives replete with fulfillment and accomplishment.

Through the pages of this book, I aim to provide readers with a roadmap to unlock the full potential of their minds. Armed with newfound clarity and purpose, they can chart a course toward a future characterized by profound satisfaction and personal growth.

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