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"A thought-provoking look at life, how we live it, and how to get the best from it."

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Develop your hidden talent for a fulfilling life's work.

Discover your gift to attain your highest potential and do the work you were born to do.

Access your latent power to actualize your true potential and make a difference in the world.

Do you drag yourself to work every morning to a job you hate? Do you feel like you're just going through the motions with no real purpose in life? Do you have a special talent to offer to the world, but don't even know what it is?

Start your journey to self-discovery and growth in this inspiring book to learn:

    Science-backed methods that world-class performers use to accelerate skills acquisitions that you can implement now
    The brutal truth why some very smart people failed while some mediocre ones succeeded
    5 surprisingly easy steps to spark your creativity and maximize your innovative thinking
    How to reveal your natural talent to spot unforeseen opportunities in areas you never knew existed
    3 unexpected common sense choices that often lead you farther away from attaining a lifetime fulfilment
    Proven essential strategies to cultivate a talent hotbed which you can employ at home to raise successful children

Peak Life's Work guides you to discover your true path and awaken to your life’s greatest work with joy.

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Table of contents

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Peak Life's Work is comprised of 122 tightly edited, visually captivating pages optimized to teach you everything you need to know with no unnecessary filler.

  1. The Gift

  2. Character Strengths


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    Identifying Interests and Talents Workbook

    Make your mark in life with your best abilities. Lead your life to where you were born to go without trying to be someone you are not.

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Some kind words from early readers...

Dive into the heartfelt reflections and inspiring testimonials shared by readers who have experienced the profound impact of Peak Life's Work. Discover how the book has resonated with others and explore the transformative journey awaiting you within its pages.

"It's hard to disagree with content that was clearly designed to help and improve everyone's lives, with techniques and tips that make complete sense."

picture of César Brasil
César Brasil

"It make me thinking deeply about my life and questioning myself, the action should I do. At the end, yeahhh I'm the one who need to do the changes. Books only the guidance. The language writer use was easy to understand. Simple and not so much jargon. I can say that writer avoid to share pseudo-science like argument about the left and right brain. If you still thinking about your life, read this book so you can get some ideas where/what/how to start the beneficial life. 🌻"

picture of Matahari Buku
Matahari Buku

"Great self-help book. Well written, researched and published. Great workbooks on top of the book series."

picture of Renaat Sioncke
Renaat Sioncke


Said Hasyim – Hey there, I’m the author behind Peak Life's Work.

In sharing the genesis of this book, my intent is not to regale you with tales of grandeur but to offer a glimpse into the journey that spurred its creation. For many years, I traversed the landscape of existence, driven by an insatiable thirst for self-discovery and purpose. Amidst the cacophony of doubt and societal expectations, I harbored a silent yearning to unearth my true calling, to discover the gift that lay dormant within.

The realization dawned upon me that the pursuit of financial security, while noble, was but one facet of a richer tapestry of existence. Retirement, once envisioned as a sanctuary of leisure, unveiled itself as a vast expanse of unfulfilled potential, where idle hours stretched into eternity. It became evident that true fulfillment lay not in the pursuit of wealth alone but in the cultivation of a life's work that resonated with the soul.

Through years of introspection and exploration, I embarked on a quest to discover my unique gift and channel it into a purposeful existence. With clarity came an unwavering commitment to nurture my innate strengths and forge a path of veracity and fulfillment.

Amidst life's uncertainties, each day is an opportunity for exploration, a reminder of the limitless possibilities inherent in the human experience. Along my journey, I've encountered challenges and victories alike, gaining insights that extend beyond personal anecdotes, presenting a guide for those keen to harness their innate abilities.

This book encapsulates the culmination of over a decade of introspection, exploration, and growth, distilled into a guidebook for those yearning to discover their purpose and unleash their unique gifts upon the world. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery, may you find within these pages the inspiration and guidance needed to unlock the fullness of your potential and create a life of profound meaning and fulfillment.

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