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Five years in the making. This step-by-step guide to optimized body's clock design teaches:

  • Unknown approach to organize your time productively, so that you can get your work done faster and at double the quality to deliver even more

  • Proven practices to lose 4.19 pounds naturally in as little as 2 weeks without giving up the food you love and paying for expensive programs that don't work

  • Science and technology you don't know exists to help you sleep better and attain high performance every day

  • Essential plan to support efficient bodily functions to enjoy the comfort of healthy living without losing your mind

  • An unspoken truth about natural energy boosting hacks to train harder

  • And much more…


With practical strategies and actionable advice, Peak Human Clock arms you with the vital tools you need now to maximize your day around your body’s clock.



Peak Human Clock - Best Book Award Winner
Best Book Award 2020

Best Health and Alternative Medicine Book Winner

Peak Human Clock - Literary Titan Award
Literary Titan Book Award 2020

Silver Award Winner

Peak Human Clock - Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award 2020

Best Self-Help e-Book Winner

Peak Human Clock - Reviewer's Choice Award
Reviewer's Choice Award 2021

Asia - Global Award Winner

Peak Human Clock - Independent Press
Independent Press Award 2021

Best Well-Being Book Winner

Peak Human Clock - eLit Award
eLit Award 2021

Bronze Award Winner in Health / Medicine / Nutrition Book

Peak Human Clock Nautilus Award
Nautilus Book Award 2021

Silver Award Winner in Health, Healing, Wellness & Vitality Book

Peak Human Clock - National Indie Excellence Award
National Indie Excellence Award 2021

Best Alternative Medicine Book Winner


International Review of Books

"It makes me wonder why more businesses and more employees/entrepreneurs don't focus more on these areas as a community where it would make the biggest impacts financially."

Kirkus Reviews

"An intriguing but familiar glimpse into the mysteries of body clocks and sleep rhythms."

Midwest Book Review

"His information-filled self-help guide is especially recommended for readers who would not just increase productivity, but ultimately get their lives more in sync with their body's inherent system of wellbeing."

Reader Views

"If you want to reach your peak, have a peek at Said Hasyim's succinct little gem, “Have a Peak at This: Synergize Your body's Clock Towards a Highly Productive You.”

Readers' Favourite

"This little book just may have a big impact on the quality of your life."

Literary Titan

"I recommend Have a Peak at This to all readers that are working towards being fit and healthy."

The BookLife Prize

"Hasyim offers a unique focus on harnessing productivity by centering on the body’s natural rhythms."

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

"A short, concise guide for improving health and understanding how the body clock works."


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