Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Most Comfortable Anti-Blue Light Glasses

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I have worn other anti-blue light glasses, and Spectra479 is the most comfortable for me. It fits the face perfectly and covers the side, top, and bottom part of the eyes. This ensures full protection of blue light that could creep in from around the glass.

Spectra479 Eye Ware Is Made of Comfortable Material

The glasses are light. The nose pad, temples, and rims are made of comfortable material. After switching to Spectra479, I can wear it for hours without feeling any pain on my nose and ears area.

There is a smaller version of this glass that fits young children.

No Blue Light Could Enter The Lens

Most anti-blue light glasses may block 100% of 450nm - 490nm, but not beyond that. A test conducted in 2019, confirms that Spectra479 blocks 100% of the most harmful wavelength, 450nm - 510nm.

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