Befriend Your Jealousy

The feeling of jealousy lies dormant into your subconsciousness, waiting to be awakened when the right triggers appear: the triumphs of your peers, the success of your colleagues, the wealth of your neighbors. It is further intensified with social media reminding you of your less-than-perfect life.

Everyone experiences jealousy, however subtle it is. That visceral emotion is embodied in your livelihood, and there is nothing you can do to dispose of it.

When you inevitably awaken that emotion, do not quell the power, for it will only grow stronger with the passage of time. The moment you lose your self-control, your jealousy begets regretful actions.

Inflicting harm on your enemy can only take you so far, without increasing your quality. Use that inner energy to your advantage. Pump up your motivation and channel its strength into productive activities.


Do you let jealousy control you? Leave in the comment below.


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