Major system is used to remember large numbers by substituting each number with its corresponding alphabet. The combination of alphabets then can be transformed into a word, that allows you to visualize it. Human's brain is adapt at remembering image than numbers.

The original major system mapping includes soft and hard letter sound. In this site, I have modified the major system mapping from its original one by only using the specific alphabets to make it easier for people ​who find it hard to discern letters with soft and hard sound.

Here's my modified mapping. The same is expounded in my book, Peak Brain Plasticity, too.

Modified Major System - Said Hasyim.png

0: Number zero looks like a tire, and is associated with the deflating tire's faint hissing sound of S or Z.

1: Number one resembles the downstrokes of T and D.

2: Number two when rotated 90° counterclockwise resembles N.

3: Number three when rotated 90° counterclockwise resembles M.

4: Number four looks like the mirrored image of R.

5: L is the Roman numeral for fifty.

6: lowercase J and G almost look like flipped variations of number six.

7: K looks similar to 2x number seven. C sounds almost like K.

8: Cursive lowercase F looks like number eight. V sounds almost like F.

9: P and lowercase B look like number nine when flipped different ways.

For example, you can memorize 1982 by remembering Deep Heaven.

I have developed an application that you can use to generate mnemonics for any large numbers that you want to remember, for free.


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