Jun 27, 2020


Sleep at Different Climate With Your Partner

BedJet v3 Sleek and Portable with Cloud Sheet

What It Is

BedJet v3 is a temperature-controlled system for heating and cooling. This is a device that is very useful if your sleeping partner does not like the same sleeping temperature as you do. It allows control of different temperatures for both you and your sleeping partner.


It has a wide range of temperature settings from 18°C to 40°C.


If you purchase this device, it is advisable to buy their 'Cloud Sheet,' instead of using your own sheet. Their sheet is designed for this device and can better trap the air that is blown by the device to maintain the temperature.

Sleek and Decorative BedJet v3 Device

BedJet v3 currently only operates at 120V, so if you live outside of the US, you will need to purchase a step-down converter (A 2000 Watt step-down converter works perfectly fine). They are planning to release the international version sometime in 2020 (but it may be postponed due to the pandemic).

How It Works

It works by blowing the air from the bedroom into the mattress allowing you to feel the desired temperature throughout the night. The temperature can be adjusted to be higher or lower at a certain time. It can be set to be warmer near your wake up time to simulate the rising sun in the morning.


If you live in a tropical country, please note that it does not replace an air-conditioner. When your room is warm, BedJet won't be able to blow cool air on your bed.


BedJet v3 also produces constant humming sound that is not very loud. I love this because it serves as the white noise to help with sleeping.

How to Use

BedJet can be controlled by both a mobile app (Android and iOS) and its Bluetooth remote control. You can also integrate this device with Google Home.


The maintenance of BedJet v3 is easy. Once a month, you can just wash the filter. The device can be left on standby mode all the time, and configured to run at your sleeping schedule.


Overall, I think this device is useful if you have a challenge sleeping at the same temperature as that of your sleeping partner, or if you want to personalize your sleeping temperature.

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